Cannes Swim – swimming lessons for children, babies and adults at your home in Cannes.

Baby Swimming Lessons Cannes

Baby Swim

Baby swimming lessons with Cannes Swim focus on the multi-sensory experience of water and the pleasurable sensations associated with it. Active floating, buoyancy supports, front and back rides with relaxed holds and featherlight touch give your baby a sense of security and freedom as well as starting to develop a love of the water.

Child Swimming Lessons Cannes

Child Swim

Children’s swimming lessons with Cannes Swim promise to be fun! Private swim lessons are tailored specifically to your child’s needs and individual pace with safety as the primary concern, we teach basic swim skills, stroke technique, stamina and other fun aquatic skills such as diving, turns and snorkelling. Kids always love their lessons with Cannes Swim.

Adult Swimming Lessons Cannes

Adult Swim

Cannes Swim offer swimming lessons for the grown-ups, too. Whether you are learning to swim, want to improve your stroke technique, learn new skills like diving or competitive style turns, or want to overcome a fear, we will be by your side in the water supporting you in a calm and relaxed manner and equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need.

Aqua Fit Cannes

Aqua Fit

Cannes Swim aqua fit sessions improve your cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your muscles and working the core.  Don’t be fooled, aqua fit classes are not just for seniors! You can enjoy a surprisingly hard workout in the water and it’s a great way to diversify your training – aqua fit sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Aqua Yoga Cannes

Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga combines water fitness, relaxation, wellbeing and focus on the breath. Classic yoga postures are adapted to the water which provides a pleasant alternative to land based yoga. Cannes Swim aqua yoga classes generally contain an aerobic section, a fluid movement section, and a relaxation, all sessions are tailored to suit you individually.

Personal Training Cannes

Personal Training

Cannes Swim’s invigorating personal training sessions are adapted to a wide variety of client goals and needs. Our areas of expertise include circuits for full body strength and cardio sessions, HIIT, strength training, TRX suspension training and personalised nutrition plans. Training with us you are guaranteed to feel invigorated and inspired to do even more.


Cannes Swim is a sister company of Ibiza Swim, Mallorca Swim and Cabo Swim.

Ibiza Swim was established in 2007 when founder, Ruth Osborn, moved from the UK to Ibiza following a dream to create work out of her passion for swimming and love of the water.  Over the years her business has grown organically, mostly through word of mouth recommendations.  Since 2013 she has built on her sterling reputation and grown a team of equally highly professional and exceptional swim teachers and personal trainers.  In 2017 she set up Cabo Swim (Baja California Sur, Mexico) and in 2018 Mallorca Swim had it’s first successful summer season.

2019 sees Ruth using those eleven years experience of creating, developing and running Ibiza Swim to extend to Monaco, Mykonos, Menorca, Saint-Tropez, Tulum and Tenerife as well as Cannes.  Her ethos and commitment to providing exceptional teaching, running a highly motivated and happy team, and providing and the highest of professional standards remain the same.

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